Couples Therapy


We find ourselves in a time when the definition of what a relationship means or what it looks like to be in a relationship is no longer fixed.

As a couples counsellor I provide you with the space to explore the dynamic of your relationship. Helping you to discover what will work best for you as individuals and as a unique couple, separate to any ideas of how relationships 'should' be. 


My aim is to help you to identify and get to the roots of; patterns, blocks and breakdowns in communication to see how progress can be made. Navigating and bringing greater awareness to the difficulties in your relationship and working with rather than against conflicts. 


With the hope of strengthening and deepening your bond and understanding of each other. Which in turn, will allow the positives of your relationship to take centre stage once more.

However, if during the process what we uncover is that separation is the best outcome. Then we can work together to create a supported and meaningful ending to your relationship. With the aim of facilitating growth and processing difficult emotions.

I work with a diverse range of clients and work affirmatively with people from a range of different; age, race, religious belief, gender identity or sexual orientations.

As well as working with a diverse range of relationships including; monogamous, consensual/ethical non-monogomaous, kink identified, polyamorous etc...

Please email me through my contact page if you have any further questions or would like to make arrangements for counselling. 


1hr session - £100 

1.5 hr session - £135

2 hr session - £170


I offer face-to-face and online counselling.


Sam Shepherd Therapy.