On the way home from a particularly warm summers day, having had one of those breezy London afternoons moving from one moment to the next. My friends and I passed rows upon rows of blackberry brambles. Following from the spirit of the day and deciding not to let the moment pass us by, we stopped for a while to pick them and make some jam.


In the randomness of doing something out of the ordinary for Londoners, we all found ourselves reminiscing on childhood days outside of the city. The days when the simplest of activities like picking blackberries with your loved ones, was enough to happily occupy most of the day.


This moment that we shared together away from the usual distractions of modern life, lead us to having many deep and honest conversations with each other. Reflecting both on our own lives and relationships, but also about the world more generally. Which brought with it; bonding, novelty, joy and some interesting, emotional and philosophical discussions as well.


As a continuation of this moment I felt inspired to start this blog 'Picking Blackberries', as a space to share and elaborate on some of our discussions. As well as sharing some of my own thoughts and feelings on; therapy, mental health, philosophy, life and other things of interest.


In doing so my hope is to pay this moment forward and perhaps inspire others to find and share in similar moments of emotional connection, open discussion and shared experience.


Picking Blackberries

This blog is inspired by a special moment in my life shared with two friends picking blackberries.

I dedicate this to Charlie and Polly.


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