About my Philosophy

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince


Now more then ever, in a world dominated by technology, people are experiencing feelings of disconnection, anxiety, depression and loneliness. What should be connecting us more is in fact causing us to be more distant, and encouraging us to look externally for our sense of self-worth.


For many of us we grow up being told to fit into the mould and to follow the pathway that we are told to follow. But in continuing to do this we are cutting ourselves off from what we truly love and feel passionate about. Whilst it can often seem easier to go with the motions, we are then robbing ourselves of getting the most out of life. Deep down we know what will make us happy but we are often to afraid to make that change/transition, worrying about what people will think of us and wether we will be accepted or not, wether we will succeed or fail.


What then happens is we constantly keep our lives on the go. Not giving ourselves the chance to truly consider and bring awareness to the important questions in life: Am I happy with myself and my life? What do I truly value? Do I feel that my life has purpose and meaning? Do I feel love and connection to myself and to others? Do I feel truly alive?


By taking time to assess these questions for ourselves we can get back into touch with what we really want to get out of life. Regaining a sense of vitality, joy and excitement. In order to get there we may need to look at what your life looks like in the present? What things are holding you back and blocking you? What traumas and difficulties have you experienced in the past? 


Naturally when we really take a step back it can bring up a lot of emotions, thoughts and sensations that you may not have known were there to begin with. Whilst this can be a difficult process, I am here to support you all of the way. Offering guidance and reflections to help you on your way to feeling that you are truly flourishing in yourself and in your life.

About How I Work?


Counselling for me encompasses three great passions: connecting with people, working creatively, and discussing life philosophically.


My training as an integrative counsellor allows me to work from a wide range of practices and resources and suggest a number of techniques/ways of working that will best suit you. My practice is also influenced by a wide range of life materials, including: art, music, philosophy, dance, yoga, culture, and literature.


The work we will undertake will be confidential, safe and contained. Each week the work will always be guided by you. Long gone are the days were counsellors are silent nodding dogs occasionally making soothing noises. I am very much a part of the process and am here to help facilitate self-awareness, self-discovery and growth; collaborating and working alongside you all the way.

Counselling for me is not just about looking at what you are struggling with in life. Whilst we do all go through dark and difficult times were we suffer, this is only half the story. Counselling is also about looking at what makes us laugh, what we value and appreciate and what makes us want to get out of bed in the morning!

  About my Experience and Interests

I have experience working with a broad range of clients and as a queer counsellor also respect and work affirmatively with diversity and difference.


Some of the areas I have experience working with include:


  • Working affirmatively with people who identify as LGBTQ+, GSRD or TGNB

  • Minority stress

  • Addictions

  • Relationship and family difficulties

  • Men’s mental health and exploring masculinities

  • Helping clients improve; self-esteem, self-image and self-discovery

  • Anxiety, panic attacks/disorder

  • Working with gender; questioning, diversity, dysphoria, identity

  • Existential crisis

  • Trauma and Abuse

  • Working with anger management or with persons who need to connect and express anger more. Working with conflict and communication

  • Working with mind-body connection and awareness and emotional connection and communication

  • Disconnection, despondency and depression

Sam Shepherd Therapy.