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I work with an open-ended process so there are no fixed number of sessions that we work to.

As the work evolves we will have regular reviews to check in with the work. Monitoring both the progress that is being made as well as any blocks or resistances we may encounter along the way.



Individual Therapy

Sliding scale fee:

£75-95 per 50 minute session

I do offer reduced rates.

Please ask when messaging through the contact page.

Couples Therapy

£125 per 50minute session

I offer therapy online and in person.



Our first session together will be your assessment session. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and to dive into the reasons for you wanting therapy at this time. 

This session will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to ensure that you feel a connection and feel comfortable with me as your therapist. 


Sam Shepherd Therapy.

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